H&C Urban Winery

H&C Urban Winery: Bringing new light to a stunning venue

H&C Urban Winery is a beautiful venue founded by Chris Masten, Will Schofield (ex-West Coast Eagles players), Phil Tompson and Ross Macpherson of The Local Hotel. After having engaged Cover Co. previously, the team came to us to find a solution for H&C Urban Winery’s roof.


What was the venue’s challenge?

H&C wanted to transform a warehouse space into a relaxing venue for wine-making, dining, and drinking. The  existing roof design didn’t entirely fit their vision of a room filled with natural light that would complement the décor and enhance the overall experience – so to meet that requirement, they wanted a retractable roof. An added challenge came out of the venue being situated in a residential area, and with residential areas comes late night noise requirements. The overall challenge then became – how do we make a retractable roof happen in a noise-restricted location?


Cover Co.’s Solution

After consultation and agreement, we installed an Oztech Retractable Roof System, which provided the flexibility to open and close the roof in any weather. And to meet the noise restriction challenge, we retrofitted the system with Akustico, a European noise reduction material.


What was the outcome?

The client’s once-dark warehouse is now a spacious venue filled with natural light and a roof that can open and close to suit any weather. The retractable roof, complete with noise reduction material, helps the venue comply with noise requirements whenever it’s closed. In line with Cover Co.’s commitment to pain free engagements – the project included consistent, proactive updates and open communication at every step.


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