The Old Synagogue

A clear vision: “Expand our space”.

Our Retractable Roof project at The Old Synagogue in Fremantle stands as a testament to our ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. This historic building, with its rich architectural heritage, required a solution that would enhance its outdoor spaces without detracting from its unique character.

The Challenge

When the team at The Old Synagogue approached us, they had a clear vision: they needed a rain protection system that would seamlessly integrate with the existing design elements of the venue. The challenge was to provide effective coverage while preserving the visual appeal of the steel archway structures that define the street view of the building. Our Retractable Roof system was the ideal solution, offering both practicality and style.

Given that the venue was already operational at the time of installation, we worked closely with the team and staff to complete the project efficiently and with minimal disruption to their business. Our coordinated efforts ensured that the installation was completed on schedule, allowing The Old Synagogue to continue serving its patrons without interruption.

Cover Co.’s Solution

We designed and installed retractable roofs for the two large outdoor areas, ensuring they could be used year-round. The system was carefully integrated with the existing steel archways, resulting in a seamless look whether the roof is open or closed. This thoughtful design approach ensured that the new addition complemented the historic aesthetic of The Old Synagogue, maintaining its charm and appeal.

The Outcome

Shortly after installation, the benefits of the retractable roof became apparent. On hotter days, especially on the upper deck, the ability to open the roof and allow for ventilation was a welcome addition. This not only improved the comfort for patrons but also enhanced the overall experience of the venue. The retractable roofs provided flexibility, allowing the outdoor areas to be used in all weather conditions, thus maximising the utility and appeal of the space.

This project showcases our ability to deliver customised solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, drawing on years of experience to ensure your venue can operate efficiently whilst feeling comfortable for both patrons and staff.

By choosing our Retractable Roof system, The Old Synagogue was able to effectively expand their space, creating versatile and functional areas that can be enjoyed year-round.

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The team at The Old Synagogue approached us with a need for rain protection and a product that didn’t take away from the design and that’s exactly what we built for them.