Retractable louvres: the missing piece to a stunning Claremont home

When Cover Co. met Russell

Picture this. You’ve got your dream home – 3 storeys tall. You’ve got your dream location – stunning panning views of Claremont, Perth. You’ve got the perfect rooftop terrace space – perfect for a summer night.

The problem? You’re not so comfortable using the roof terrace space of your dreams. Perth’s summers are too hot and winters too unpredictable to truly harness the space without the shelter that it demands. This is exactly how Cover Co met Russell from Claremont in early 2023.

The job at hand 

Russell finally had the home of his dreams, but he had recently realised how underutilised his roof terrace was. He’d approached other providers to get a sense of his options for outdoor shading systems but most of them had put his requirements in the “too hard” basket. The size of the three-storey home presented significant challenges when it came to installation, something that other providers shied away from. While Russell’s home wouldn’t be without its challenges, we were up for it and were determined to make it look easy.

The importance of a fool proof plan

Meticulous planning was key. To expand the space like we envisioned, our team needed to remember a tale as old as time – failing to plan is planning to fail. We’re proud to say that we adopt this mentality in every job that we do, but in cases where there are multiple challenges to overcome it couldn’t be more important. Following a full consultation with Russell and a discovery of the space we had to play with, the plan started coming to life. Our next step was to engage early with our friends at Perna Engineering and Cranes to ensure we had the access to the third-storey balcony we needed. From there, the project took shape the way we needed it to. Execution feels easy when you’ve got the materials you need, a comprehensive plan and an A-Team at your side.

Expanding the space to what it means today

We successfully transformed the rooftop into the hub it is today – whether the home’s central entertaining spot, a place to relax and recuperate or something in between. We’re proud to see our expertise demonstrated in this stunner – high-quality installation, shelter fit for WA’s relentless conditions and an extra fancy touch with LED strip lighting throughout. Better yet, we’re thrilled to know that Russell is just as thrilled, sharing “Amazing outcome and a company so easy to deal with…so happy with the outcome.” And the cherry on top? We’re working with Russell again very soon to provide some much-needed shading to elevate his pool area to the luxury and comfort it deserves.


Cover Co is proud to partner on outdoor shading projects – no job is too big or too small and, as this stunningly challenging job proved, too difficult. If you’re ready to expand your space but don’t know where to start – start with us. Contact our team today and take the first step.


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Unlock your dream rooftop oasis with Cover Co's expert shading solutions. Discover how we transformed Russell's Claremont home, creating a stunning, sheltered hub perfect for any season. From meticulous planning to high-quality installation, trust us to elevate your outdoor space. No challenge is too big – start expanding your space today!